“We are INDUSTRY 4.0 ready!” Showcase


A Special Advanced Manufacturing Showcase titled “We are INDUSTRY 4.0 ready!” will be featured and displayed at Manufacturing Indonesia for the very first time. This showcase is created especially for our visitors to embark on this Industry 4.0 journey together with our exhibitors who supported the Industry 4.0 initiative in Indonesia.


What can you expect from the Showcase?

Are you ready to embrace new technologies for the increasingly competitive global Manufacturing market? Are you ready to seize market opportunities and learn from some leading industry specialists? Now it’s your chance to discover all the future possibilities for your company in our newly-launched Industry 4.0 showcase at our show floor!

Why you have to visit?

  • Technologies featured by exhibitors in this showcase will allow visitors to have a better understanding of what Industry 4.0 means to their manufacturing processes
  • Visitors will learn how to enhance their businesses to stay competitive and relevant in the new economic landscape
  • This showcase brings together provocative exhibitors, experts and leaders in the Manufacturing industry
  • Visitors can expect technologies featured in the following 9 pillars. These pillars together form the basis of Industry 4.0:

source: Boston Consulting Group

Big Data & Analytics

The collection and comprehensive evaluation of data from many different sources – production equipment and systems as well as enterprise- and customer-management systems; to support real-time decision making.

Confirmed exhibitor:

Autonomous Robots

Robots are more autonomous, flexible, and cooperative. They will interact with one another and work safely side by side with humans. These robots will be cost effective and have a greater range of capabilities.

Confirmed exhibitor:


3D simulations of products, materials, and production processes are already used in the engineering phase of manufacturing, but in the future, simulations will be used in plant operations as well. These simulations will leverage real-time data to mirror the physical world in a virtual model. Operators will be able to test and optimize machine settings in the virtual world before the physical changeover; this will reduce machine setup times and increasing quality.

Confirmed exhibitor:

Horizontal and Vertical System Integration

Most of today’s IT systems are not fully integrated, and nor are departments such as engineering, production, and service. But with Industry 4.0, companies, departments, functions, and capabilities will become more cohesive as cross-company, universal data-integration networks evolve and enable automated value chains.

The Industrial Internet of Things

Manufacturer’s sensors and machines are networked and make use of embedded computing. In the Industrial Internet of Things, more devices will be connected, allowing them to communicate and interact with one another and centralized controllers.

Confirmed exhibitor:


Protection of critical industrial systems and manufacturing lines from cybersecurity threats is greatly required. Secure, reliable communications and sophisticated identity and access management of machines and users are essential.

The Cloud

Industry 4.0 will require increased data sharing across sites and company boundaries. The performance of cloud technologies will improve, achieving reaction times of just several milliseconds. As a result of this productivity boost, machine data, and functionality will increasingly be deployed to the cloud.

Additive Manufacturing

Adoption of additive manufacturing, such as 3-D printing, to prototype and produce individual components that could be high-mix and low volume specific.

Confirmed exhibitor:

Augmented Reality

Currently in its infancy, companies will make much broader use of augmented reality to improve decision making and work procedures. In the virtual world, operators will learn to interact with machines by clicking on a cyber-representation. They will also be able to change parameters and retrieve operational data and maintenance instructions.

Confirmed exhibitor:

About Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial Revolution in the Manufacturing industry. Earlier this year, the Indonesian government under President Joko Widodo has officially introduced the roadmap “Making Indonesia 4.0”. This initiative is referred to the trend of automation and data exchange in the manufacturing technologies. Industry 4.0 is expected to help revive the Indonesia’s Manufacturing Industry in the future.

It becomes gradually important for factories in Indonesia to meet the manufacturing sector’s growing demands by advancing their manufacturing processes and technologies. We need to be well-prepared to equip ourselves with the global trend in order to bring about transformations.


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